Working with the communities of Buwenda and Buwenda aiming to increase quality of life and encourage enterprise through friendships and partnerships

The Pearl Trust was set up in 2006 by Sally Yates & Christopher Lennon. Since then we have held regular fundraising events in South Manchester, UK to raise monies to support projects in the villages of Buyala, Buwenda, Bujagali Falls & Nabisiki. These are grass roots projects and 95% of monies raised goes directly to help start up our projects. The remaining 5% is spent on promotional materials for our fundraising events. Any help given to The Pearl Trust is voluntary for which we are extremely grateful.


Helping to provide clean water via a newly built well.

Our well was built by the Busoga Trust, in partnership with Wilmslow Wells for Africa, at Buyala, Jinja, Uganda

Monies from this enterprise help towards schooling

18 local ladies are getting the benefit of running a sustainable business. Monies from this enterprise help towards schooling for their children at Buyala, Jinja, Uganda.

Bee Keeper Co-operative

Provide sustainable Honey Co-operative for the local communnity

We are also in negotiations with Bees Abroad with the aim of setting up a bee keeping co-operative in Buyala Town.


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Busoga Trust

For 30 years now  The Busoga Trust has provided sustainable access to safe water, improved sanitation and comprehensive hygiene & health education to the communities in rural Uganda. The Busoga Trust carried out the building of our well in Buyala … Continue reading