Buyala Well

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Helping to provide clean water via a newly built well

Our well was built by the Busoga Trust, in partnership with Wilmslow Wells for Africa, at Buyala, Jinja, Uganda.

What were the aims?

To construct 1 shallow hand-dug well (HDW) in Buyala Village, Budondo Sub-County, Jinja Distrcit, Uganda in July 2011

Why is it important to undertake projects like these?

Like many communities in rural Uganda, people living in Buyala have, up until now, been without access to safe drinking water. Water Quality Testing conducted by the Busoga Trust showed that
the traditional source  used  by the  community  has  an  E.Coli  count  of  around  40/100mls.  The national standard demands that a water source has to have an E.Coli count of 50 or less to be
declared ‘safe’. Drinking water with high levels of E.Coli correlates to high instances of diarrhoeal infection. Diarrhoea remains the second highest killer of children worldwide and the leading cause of malnutrition in under‐5s. Serious dehydration caused by the disease forces the victim to return
to drink the same water which made him or her sick in the first place, perpetuating the cycle of infection.

How will the use of water from the Hand‐Dug Well (HDW) be governed?

As with all valuable resources, community water sources need to be governed in such a way that ensures that they can be accessed fairly by all members. When holding a first meeting with the
community, the Busoga Trust assists them to  collectively draw up a series of by‐laws that will determine how the source will be used and maintained. A water‐user committee is then elected
(comprising of six members), who have responsibility for ensuring that these laws are adhered to and maintenance, when required, is properly organised for.

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