Freds Buyala Chicken Co-operative


This is a report from Fred, our contact in Ug, about our new chicken group.
This is our second chicken group:


It is so far doing well, members were very busy with work at the site, different activities have been taking place, and a among are the following, digging of halls, cutting of the poles, collecting it from the busy areas to the site, stepping in the mud to use to the house.




• Purchasing of the items both at the local levels and at Jinja town. Some of the commodities bought are the following
• Chicks
• The number of the chicks bought was 120, and it was good breed
It reached at the site well and they are still a live
• Feeds
It was bought in big number including the starter, growers and layers mash,
This was to minimize the cost in terms of transport.
• Feeders, drinkers were bought and transported to the site, successful.
• The chicks have grown well due to the efforts applied by the members at the site.
• Feeding has been done daily, and this is mainly done by 3 members weekly. And as well cleaning of the materials such as drinkers, and feeders.
• Meetings have been carried monthly for the progress of the project. It has enabled us to get some good ideas both internal and external.
• Birds have started to produce the eggs and members are very happy. This is because of the combined efforts from you guys plus others; really it was so great, for the run of the project and as well man power onto the ground here in by the members here in Uganda.
It has boosted this project much. Thanks very much for all the assistances rendered towards the project.
• The project have received variety of visitors both at the local levels and sub county level, since the project started, we have so far received 8 community people with brilliant ideals about the project. People surrounding the project about 60 plus, are always keep on coming to the visit the site, so that they get to learn how birds are raised.
• There were some changes in prices for the commodities bought for the site.
This was mostly in prices like the chicken, feeds. Coffee husks, pots, and some busy poles to mention but few.
This affected us mostly since most of the produces were at the high demand in southern Sudan.
Creating big challenge for all the farmers involved with the project.
But as greet team, we gathered meeting with the members, we sorted each and everything so that we fit in our budget.
But everything was sorted up with the assistance of the members.
• Death around the community.
This has affected the proper running of work at the site, since some members were forced to attend the burial ceremonies around.
• Death of the some chicks
This was due to the harsh bad conditions weather being very cold most especially during night hours.
And some were affected by the hot pots during the night hours since it needed a lot of supervision. This has happened with period when they were still at young stage
But this could not stop us to run the project well.
• There should some contingency plan when budgeting.
• Members should be encouraged to priotisethe project fast than anything else.
• Looking forward to resolve some of the challenges we are facing.


Thanks Fred


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